What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of 100% pure and natural essential oils. Essential oils are pure concentrated extracts distilled from plants, which contain pheromones, antibiotics and cell regeneration agents that energise, protect and nourish. They are revered both for their aroma and their therapeutic value, hence the word Aromatherapy. The use of only 100% pure and natural essential oils allows the medicinal qualities of the oil to have a natural effect on the emotions.

The use of essential oils dates back to Ancient Egyptian times. Cleopatra, it is said, used essential oils in her rooms and on her clothes to seduce Mark Anthony. The Greek physician, Hippocrates, used essential oils to offer protection against contagious diseases and for the therapeutic value. In the 1920s Rene Maurice Gattefasse, a French chemist, burnt his arm while making fragrance and immediately plunged it into a jug of lavender oil. To his amazement the pain was less than expected and the blistering was greatly reduced.

The healing process was faster and he was left with little scarring. He was so impressed that he devoted the rest of his life to researching the healing properties of essential oils and he christened it Aromatherapy. including through the lungs via exhalation and perspiration.

How Aromatherapy Works
Essential oils have a very powerful effect on the body and mind. It takes approximately four seconds for an essential oil to reach the brain through the sense of smell and four minutes to be absorbed into the blood stream through the skin. Essential oils have an affinity with the skin?s natural oils allowing this rapid absorption. They enter and leave the body very efficiently leaving no toxic residue behind. They are excreted through the normal bodily functions.

Essential oils have a very positive effect on blood circulation playing an important part in bringing nutrients and oxygen to the tissues and stimulating the lymphatic system to dispose of waste products. Essential oils also help stimulate the immune system.

What is the Difference Between Essential, Fragrant and Perfume Oils?
Essential oils should never be confused with fragrant or perfume oils, which are not pure manufactured extracts and do not have the same therapeutic value.