our story

The Aromatherapy Company was established in 1990 and has gone on to become a leading supplier of Home Fragrance and body care products. Kiwi ingenuity, combined with the consumers’ desire for stronger, natural, pure products and environmental accountability from the corporate sector, has seen the Aromatherapy Company become a major force in the natural products market here in New Zealand and abroad.

We are passionate about being a New Zealand based business, and believe we are in a unique position in the world to create pure and natural products that can lead the world into a new generation of business. We also feel it is important to allow the world to experience our beautiful natural country and its products. We are constantly searching for ways to improve and be cleaner and greener and more responsible in how we do business. We are committed to giving back to environmental causes and the community. Our vision is to share our passion for creating good things with the world.


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