How do I open and use my diffuser?
Diffuser caps are securely in place to ensure no leakage of the diffuser fluid. Carefully remove the protection cap. It helps to use a butter knife to pry the cap up, then you can use some scissors gripping each side of the cap to slowly but surely ease the cap off. A tea towel can be useful too. Insert the reed sticks into the bottle. Leave the bottle open with the sticks inserted. Rotate the sticks upside down once a week to release the aroma. Fragrance blooms within 48 hours and lasts up to two months (depending on your surroundings and size of diffuser).

Can I buy refills for my diffuser?
We do not sell refills for diffusers. The reed sticks inserted into your diffusion set also need to be replaced as they lose the ability to diffuser over time thus we recommend purchasing a new diffuser.

I can’t find a particular item.
All products that are available for purchase from our various stockists are listed on our website. If you are after a particular product from our website, please contact our stockists directly – we are unable to provide an indication of a product’s availability at that stockist as we do not have access to their store's information. If you are unsure if a product has been discontinued, you can get in touch with us via our enquiry form on our contact page.

I have an issue/am unsatisfied with a product.
If you experience any issues or are unsatisfied with a product, we recommend that you first return your item to the original store in which you purchased it from. They will be able to assist or offer a replacement product.

Can I buy direct from The Aromatherapy Company online?
We are a wholesaler so unfortunately we do not provide the option of purchasing online or directly at this moment in time. Please refer to our store finder page to find a stockist near you where you can purchase our products.

Where can I buy The Aromatherapy Company products overseas?
Our products are available at the following international stockists. Product and ranges in stock are limited however so please get in touch with the stores directly if you are after a specific product. South Africa - @Home, Canada – Homesense, Marshalls, USA – TJ Maxx, UK – TK Maxx, Hong Kong – Lane Crawford, City Super, Switzerland – Interio.

tips & tricks

Our Reed Diffusion Sets are a simple and effective way to diffuse continuous fragrance throughout your environment. Once you have opened your diffusion set and inserted the reed sticks into the bottle, ensure that it is kept out of reach of children and away from any naked flames. You can rotate the sticks upside down once a week to help release the aroma. Do not place the bottle on a varnished surface. Place the diffusion set on a ceramic plate or coaster first in case of any accidental spills that may occur. Take care when rotating sticks to ensure fluid does not drip on surfaces also. If diffuser fluid has been spilt, quickly and cleanly wipe up the fluid.

The vessel of your candle may get hot so ensure that it is placed on a heat resistance surface. Do not let the wick of your candle burn on or near the glass and ensure that it is centred. We strongly advise that you only burn your candle for 3 to 4 hours at a time and keep the wick trimmed to 0.5cm. The flame can get too large if the wick hasn’t been trimmed and if so, allow to cool then trim. When extinguishing your candle, never blow out the flame. We recommend using a candle snuffer to extinguish the flame instead or you can dip the wick into the wax. In doing so you will avoid tainting your environment with the smell of smoke. Ensure you set the wick upright and centre before burning your candle again. Never leave a burning candle unattended and keep it away from children, animals, flammable materials and also draughts to prevent uneven burning. Discontinue burning and discard your candle when there is 1cm or less wax remaining in the vessel then take your pick of a new candle fragrance to try!


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